Peggy L.

This letter is to anyone considering letting Amy Bader help you.  


I was a 59 year old high energy woman that has Fibromyalgia.  There is a long story on painkillers, MDs, FNPs, pain specialists & endocrinologists that led me to be crashing down physically.  When I finally found Amy, I was so exhausted & fatigued that I didn’t have enough energy to take a shower for 3 or 4 days at a time.  I was foggy, confused, couldn’t find the words I wanted, had gastro distress, pretty much everything except headaches.  I was unable to function at a normal level. I spent my days on the couch sleeping or watching TV. Not my normal activities!

Thank God a friend from church had heard about how she helped another woman.  The first time I got Amy on the phone she amazed me by listening for a couple minutes then asking questions no one else had even asked.  Much of it didn’t even seem like it was pertinent but it turned out to be.  I immediately downloaded all the forms to fill out & was surprised at how much information was not about my physical health. When I finally saw her I just sat in the chair crying because I felt like I was dying & had been ignored by the doctors who were supposed to help me.  My poor husband was beside himself to try to help.

Amy told me my adrenal glands were shutting down & they were the cheerleaders for the other glands so they were shutting down also.  I have never been a natural food person but had dieted for my weight my whole life.  Amy put me on a detox & anti-inflammatory eating program which was totally foreign to me & my husband but I felt my life depended on eating what she said.  She also gave me many natural medicines even though I argued with her about the medicines I was on. Within a couple weeks I noticed my bladder was functioning better.  The next month I began to sweat after 30 years & started the detoxing of my body. Every month thereafter I felt better & better.  After 6 months Amy mentioned that she had thought my adrenal glands were so damaged that they wouldn’t respond to her treatment. Thankfully they did.  

I didn’t vary from that program for 1 year & still eat mostly what she says I should.  I saw Amy every month for almost 4 years.  She has gotten me off of 2 antidepressant medicines, most painkillers, sleeping pills & taught a totally ignorant person how to eat to live.  At this time 5 years later I am mostly pain free except when I do too many events in one week.  I am on very little medicine except for my restless leg syndrome.  My husband & I square dance every week, go to Masonic & Eastern Star meetings monthly plus special events, go to Bunko group, astronomy club, church, eat out with friends & have 20 or more people into our home for dinner & games.  We are very healthy even when dealing with the physical things that hamper us some.  

I know it is expensive to pay for her services because the insurance doesn’t cover it but she has given me my life back in many ways.  I would highly recommend her to anyone for anything.  She & Lisa are caring, loving, helpful ladies that will make you feel like a part of their family. I am not shy so Amy has my permission to give my phone number to anyone that wishes to talk to me about her services.  You can’t find a better doctor anywhere.  I only go to a GP because Amy can’t get some of the tests I need occasionally.  But she is why I am alive & kicking!

Thank You Amy Bader! You are a life saver to me!

Julie Lesseg