Nancy M.

In January of 2009, I was very ill.  I had sharp stomach pains, severe constipation and violent vomiting, for nearly a month.  My medical doctor gave me a half-gallon jug of liquid laxative that didn’t work and made my stomach pains worse, and diagnosed me with a urinary tract infection that I didn’t have.

My symptoms continued to worsen.  One night at midnight, I wrote a will.  I truly thought I might die.  The next morning, I found Dr. Amy Bader on-line.  I called her voice mail in tears and left a message pleading for help.  She returned my call within the hour, and we talked for 45 minutes.  Amy was genuinely concerned, and shared some vital tips, over the phone.  Right away, I knew I had found a life-line.

When I arrived for my appointment, Amy was ready for me right on time.  She shook my hand with a friendly smile and introduced herself as “Amy” rather than Dr. Bader.  I felt comfortable immediately, and knew that we’d be working as a team to improve my health.

Amy reviewed my extensive new patient questionnaire, right before my appointment.  This saved a lot of time, so the hour we spent together was extremely productive.  She listened very carefully to everything I told her, and asked a lot of questions.   She kept encouraging me to tell her more, as she wanted a complete picture of my health.  

Amy changed my diet, which helped me feel better immediately.  She also ordered lab tests which revealed I had a gluten intolerance.  We figured out together, that MSG was making me very sick.  

I mentioned that I had dry eyes.  I had been to three different doctors over a period of five years, who had all recommended eye drops (which didn’t help).  Amy explained that dry eyes were a sign of a magnesium deficiency, and could also be exacerbated by gluten.  She treated me for this and the problem vanished.

Amy treats the whole person, not just physical symptoms.  She figured out that my sleep problems stem back to my abusive childhood.  My mother used to beat me in the middle of the night, making me afraid to sleep.  Amy has helped me unravel a lot of things, which continue to help me heal both emotionally and physically.  

Not only is Amy a meticulous, attentive, intuitive, and exceptionally competent healer, she also truly cares about her patients.  Just knowing that she cares is another way that she helps me to heal, because I didn’t always think I was worth it.  Amy’s nurturing demeanor assures me that I am, at every visit.    

I think Dr. Amy Bader might have saved my life, back in 2009.  Today, she continues to improve my health, my life, and my feelings of well-being.   

I’d like to see everyone get the same kind of wonderful help that I got!

Julie Lesseg