Nancy B.

Suffering with uncommon ailments became a norm for me until seeing Dr. Bader. Nervous but hopeful, Lisa, Dr. Bader’s Office Manager puts you at ease the minute you walk through the door. Minutes later, when seeing Dr. Bader for the first time, sitting across from her in her office, seems like you are now a partner in your own health and well being. This is was what I knew I needed.

Three days later, I was feeling better, and by the end of a week, my major complaint (which I was convinced I needed surgery to resolve) was “no more". I continued to see Dr. Bader for several months to tweak minor issues. 

I recently returned to see Dr. Bader following an intense grief period in my life, accompanied with a lot of physical pain. I put off making the appointment, for no other reason than I felt I was “too busy”. Again, I felt better in weeks. 

You are heard, you are cared for, and you are made to feel special, and even better, you are made to feel well. I see it in the patient who emerges before me, and I see it in the patient who greets Dr. Bader after me, and I feel it in my own body. 

Julie Lesseg